Ordinances & Maps


Zoning Ordinance (amend 7-22-19)

Subdivision Ordinance (amend 6-13-16)

Master Street Plan Book (amend 4-20-15)

Land Use Plan

Bike Plan

Stormwater Management Ordinance (amend  6-13-16)

Buildings & Building Regulations - Ch. 4 NLRMC (amended 06/11/2018)



Master Street Plan (map)

Ward Map

Interactive Map for Zoning and Land Use

The zoning depicted on the web map is current to the date indicated upon startup of the application and is not intended to meet legal requirements. The land use depicted on this web map is intended to guide future land use decisions.
Please contact the Planning Department at 501-975-8835 for zoning or land use verification.


NLR Monuments for Surveys

NLR Monuments Map

Monuments Standard Procedures