Q. If I am 50 and my wife is 49, can we both join? 

A. We do not have any exceptions to our “50 and over” policy. Your spouse would be able to join once he or she turns 50. 

Q. Is there a family, senior, or military discount?

A. We keep our fees very low in order to allow as many people as possible to join. Our fees are already heavily discounted, only covering 20% of our operating costs, so we do not offer any additional discounts. 

Q. Why don’t you open earlier or stay open later?  

A. We are open 76 hours per week, and the bulk of our members attend during main business hours. Based on attendance, it does not make sense for us to extend our hours at this time.

Q. Do you have transportation to the Hays Center?

A. We are on a city bus route, but do not offer in-house transportation. Individuals with disabilities may qualify for METRO Links paratransit through Rock Region Metro. 

Q. Can my civic club/ bridge club/art club/AARP Chapter meet at the Hays Center at no expense?

A. Our rooms are used daily for activities that are open to all members. For non-member or club uses, we rent rooms in accordance with our rental program.

Q.  What are the requirements / mandates concerning Covid?

A.  There are no requirements or mandates concerning Covid at this time.  We encourage all members to wear masks while in the building.  They may be removed while in a class or exercising.  Also, at this time, food and drink (excluding water) must be consumed in the canteen ONLY.