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North Little Rock Contact Information
Mayor    Terry C. Hartwick 501-975-8601 [email protected]
City Clerk and Treasurer    Diane Whitbey 501-975-8617 [email protected]
City Attorney    Amy Fields 501-975-3755 [email protected]
Judge (Traffic)    Judge Randy Morley 501-791-8562 [email protected]
Judge (Criminal/Civil)    Judge Paula Juels Jones 501-791-8559 [email protected]
Chief of Staff    Mike Davis 501-975-8601 [email protected]
City Council
Ward 1 Council Member    Nathan Hamilton 501-952-7679 [email protected]
Ward 1 Council Member    Debi Ross 501-753-0733 [email protected]
Ward 2 Council Member    Linda Robinson 501-945-8820 [email protected]
Ward 2 Council Member    Maurice Taylor 501-690-6444 [email protected]
Ward 3 Council Member    Steve Baxter 501-804-0928 [email protected]
Ward 3 Council Member    Ron Harris 501-758-2877 [email protected]
Ward 4 Council Member    Vincent Insalaco III 501-951-0786 [email protected]
Ward 4 Council Member    Charlie Hight 501-944-0670 [email protected]
Airport    Clay Rogers 501-835-5654 [email protected]
Animal Services    Adam Tindall 501-791-8577 [email protected]
Code Enforcement    Felecia McHenry 501-791-8581 [email protected]
Commerce    Mary Beth Bowman 501-975-8881 [email protected]
Communications    Shara Brazear 501-975-8833 [email protected]
Community Development/Fair Housing    Bailey Noland 501-340-5342 [email protected]
Community Gardens    Dan Scott 501-791-8500 [email protected]
Convention and Visitors Bureau    Karen Trevino 501-758-1424 [email protected]
Economic Development    Robert Birch
Colleen Bailey
[email protected]
[email protected]
Electric Department
(Customer Service)
   Jessica Stephens 501-975-8888 [email protected]
Emergency Services    Kim Francisco 501-340-5365 [email protected]
Engineering    Chris Wilbourn 501-371-8339 [email protected]
External Affairs    Margaret Powell 501-975-8605 [email protected]
Finance    Ember Strange 501-975-8802 [email protected]
Fire Department    Gerald Tucker 501-340-5377 [email protected]
Fit2Live   LaKaisha Shelby 501-442-7406 [email protected]
Health Department    Lucille Rose 501-791-8551 [email protected]
History Commission    Sandra Taylor-Smith 501-371-0755 [email protected]
Human Resources    Betty Anderson 501-975-8855 [email protected]
North Little Rock Public Library    Crystal Gates 501-758-1720 [email protected]
Mayor's Youth Council    Jan Scholl 501-951-0866 [email protected]
Neighborhood Services    Dan Scott 501-791-8500 [email protected]
Pandemic Office    Margaret Powell 501-975-8605 [email protected]
Parks and Recreation    Steve Shields 501-791-8538 [email protected]
Planning    Shawn Spencer 501-975-8835 [email protected]
Police    Patrick Thessing 501-771-7101 [email protected]
Recycling    Customer Service 501-565-0191 [email protected]
Safety/Traffic Services    Kenny Stephens 501-371-8345 [email protected]
Sanitation    Condo Breedlove 501-371-8340 [email protected]
Special Projects (Diversity Equity Inclusion)    Arnessa Bennett 501-975-3737 [email protected]
Senior Center    Steve Carr 501-975-4297 [email protected]
Street    Patrick Lane 501-340-5356 [email protected]
Unsheltered Community    Officer Jhailan Rathey 501-975-8780  [email protected]
Vehicle Maintenance    Kenny Brock 501-340-5371 [email protected]
Volunteering    Angela Wirt 501-975-4297 [email protected]
Wastewater   Michael Clayton 501-945-7186 [email protected]