Testimonials from Previous Delegates

Posted on 10/20/2014

“ It's amazing how people can communicate without speaking the same language”

“Now that I am back home after my own 10- day home stay experience  in Uiwang City , I feel like a part of me is missing.  I  now  have two homes and two families and friendships I hope will last a lifetime.

“Going to a different country, experiencing a different culture, and speaking a different language can be a very inspiring experience once the fear goes away. The attachment and bonds created among the  North Little Rock and Korean students and their families cannot be measured or quantified.”

Words are lacking when it comes to relaying my immense appreciation for this program and the opportunities that come with it. Both have exceeded my expectations. After approximately three days, I knew we would be forever friends when the Korean students began to say, “When you come to Korea…” They did not say “if”, but instead used the word “when” which revealed an expectation and desire to continue our relationships.”  

“This  program has helped me to  appreciate being an American citizen and all the opportunities in this country. Maybe this is the heart of why this program is so successful. It teaches students to care about other people and where they come from, but it also teaches them to appreciate  their own culture and history.”

“My Korean sister, Sung- Rim, fits into our family as if she was biologically ours. She enjoyed painting nails, eating spicy food, hanging out in our home, and even watching our favorite television shows. We absolutely could not have had a better delegate. Generally, I am not one to cry, but that last day at the airport, I could not help myself. We miss her terribly and are planning on her return in the winter.  She has also expressed a desire to live with us for a year and to attend Little Rock Christian Academy with our family” 

“Now, more than ever, the opportunity to meet and interchange with the world is a skill we must all strive to possess. Your program is giving this opportunity to our children and future citizens and planting the seeds for success and understanding in these young people.”

“I view this program as a spring board from which my own children learned the value of other cultures and  instilled in them the desire to travel and learn.  As a result, most of my children have travelled not only Asia extensively, but South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand as well.”

“In life, we never know what affect  any experience will have on us, but it is always important to create new experiences on the journey. This program becomes more of a human exchange program due to all the sharing and bonding that takes place over the ten day period.”

“It’s hard to express in words how much this program  means to me . The opportunity I had the last four summers  working  as the city  Sister City program  intern  preparing families and students for the experiences in the Sister City Homestay Program  and the 10-day experience  in Uiwang City, South Korea, impacted my life for the better. I have many international friends, but this Sister City Exchange Program tops the cake.“